Sunday, 4 June 2023

Day ninety six - Rest Day at Craighouse

 4th June.

Another perfect sunny day.

Swans close to the tent
Couldn't decide what to do today so decided on nothing!

Went to look at a Brig that had arrived at the pier last night and was just moving on.

Wondered what else to do on such a beautiful morning and decided to go to the café for more breakfast.
A short walk up to the lake above the village worked down the breakfast before lunch. I did manage to find a bog to fill my shoes.
Fox's gloves (as Sarah used to call them)
A really nice summer's day spent avoiding too much sun and talking to various passing cyclists and walkers before retiring to the pub and adding yachtsmen to the conversationalists.
There were lots of Small Heath butterflies
(Not my picture)

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