Friday, 15 September 2023

Home again

 15th September

A grey morning for the short walk to Scarborough station and the train to

Grand Hotel Scarborough 
The trains were all good until Edinburgh but then slow so arrived late at Inverness.
Newcastle railway station 
Waited for the bus then, and waited...and waited...... and then they cancelled it **#!?

There were some buses, but not going the right way.
The next bus was 45 minutes later so I had missed the last bus to Burghead!
Lots of time to look at the view from the bus
The bus I did get was the new 10A which takes the longest route that anyone could possibly devise and by the time it got to Elgin it was dark and pouring with rain. A taxi home to Burghead then, where it hadn't rained at all.

The walk was great, the journey there and back less so!

Thursday, 14 September 2023

Scarborough to Filey

 14th September

Colder in the morning turning into another beautiful sunny day.

Started today's walk with Jack, Jasmine and dogs as far as Osgodby.

After a very short bit of road it was down through the trees toward the sea again.

The path then followed the cliff top high above the seals basking on the low tide rocks below.

If you enlarge the picture (by clicking on it) you may just see a group of seals on the rock near the centre.

Filey Brigg 

Out to the headland of Filey Brigg where the Cleveland Way ends.

Filey beach
Decided to be lazy and not walk back to Scarborough so wandered into Filey and caught the bus after a look around the town.
Filey sailing club boat park

 Back to Scarborough for a tour of the town.

The Grand Hotel 

The Harbour entrance 

8.5 miles walked

400 meters ascent  

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Whitby to Scarborough

 13th September

A beautiful sunny morning and and the temperature was reasonable, stayed good all day.

Scarborough from the hostel window 
Breakfast at the Hostel then back to the coast path.

Coastal erosion 

Another great day with fantastic views and quite a lot of up and down to keep it interesting.

Robin Hood's Bay is really interesting with its steep, narrow streets leading down to the sea with no real harbour.

Robin Hood's Bay
Very full of tourists but the old Post Office Café had space and a nice pot of tea.
YHA Boggle Hole, near Robin Hood's Bay
There are no other places on the coast path until Scarborough, just lots of lovvely cliffs.

And steep, deep gully's between cliffs
And more cliffs, then a little National Trust tea shop at Ravenscar (didn't take a picture)
and more cliffs

then Scarborough North Bay where the Cleveland Way follows the marine drive around the headland below the castle.

Scarborough Castle 

The Harbour on the south side is where all the 'amusements' are.

But it is also a 'proper' harbour.
I stopped at the King Richard the Third pub and arranged to meet Jack and Jasmine who were putting up with me for the night.

Scarborough South Bay

21.5 miles walked

1300 meters ascent 

Tuesday, 12 September 2023

Skinninggrove to Whitby

12th September

A wet night heralded a grey windy, drizzly day  with only one significant period of rain. Very pleasant walking conditions.

A climb back up to the Coastal Path which then continued with only a little more climbing before dropping down to Boulby and Cowbar (Staithes).

Boulby is the site of the deepest mine in the UK and the second deepest in Europe (1400 meters) and extends to 297 square miles of tunnels.
ICL Potash mine buildings 
The surface buildings don't give an indication of the size of the works below producing over 3.5 million tons of ore per year.
I was impressed with Cowbar (Staithes), A very pretty old  fishing village, the café wasn't open!
Back over the cliffs and down to Runswick Bay, with café, and a walk along the sand.

Up again to the last cliff path to Sandsend where the only heavy rain shower of the day sent me into the café!

A short road walk into Whitby where I met Jack and Jasmine and had a tour of the town   before settling into the youth hostel for the night.

16.5 miles walked
1000 meters ascent

Monday, 11 September 2023

Kildale to Skinningdale

 September 11th

A fairly violent thunderstorm last night, luckily after supper, cleared the air a bit and it was quite windy today as well so the  walking was good even though it was still hot.

A climb up through the woods brought me to the Captain Cook memorial and a brisk cooling wind.

Up to the memorial 

Captain Cook's Memorial 

Rosebury Topping was the next landmark,  a walk out and back, without the pack, to this great viewpoint.

Rosebury Topping 

A view from Rosebury Topping 
Continued along the top of the escarpment overlooking Guisborough.

Then down to Slapewath and a welcome café for brunch.

The Chase Café 
Over Airy Hill and down to Skelton then through a nice wooded valley to Saltburn-by-the-sea.
Skelton (in the distance)

Railway Viaduct over the valley

A wonderful cliff top path south to Skinningrove. 

There is obviously a problem here as the Samaritans have put encouraging notes along the cliff edge.

The Charm Bracelet 

A lovely campsite with a café/pub just down the road to complete the day.

19 miles walked

950 meters ascent