Saturday, 20 December 2008

Glencoe (again)

Looking towards The Study
I have got stuck on finishing the Munros and have started to feel guilty if I go out for a walk without 'ticking' another. This is a very unhealthy state of affairs as all the tops I need are a long way away involving long drives with the associated damage to the environment not to mention my wallet! However I decided to head for Glencoe (again) recently to tick off Buachaille Etive Beag ( I am sure I have been up there before but I wasn't counting Munros then).
Bealach North of Stob Dubh
The forecast was good for the morning so after an early start and an incorrect forecast I climbed into the cloud for an interesting traverse on soft snow imagining the great views I had been promised and almost falling over two people coming up from Glen Etive in almost zero visibility and complaining about the soft snow conditions. The wind was increasing as I descended to the Lairig Eilde and was then able to see my way back to Glencoe.
Allt Lairig Eilde
A very enjoyable but short days walking for a lot of driving made worse by an accident that closed the A82 between Fort Bill and Spean Bridge! I must forget about Munros and reaquaint myself with the local hills.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Sorry to have ignored this blog for so long. I have finished the acccount of the extended TGO Challenge crossing I did in May: and hopefully will start blogging again. See you soon.

Monday, 22 January 2007

An interesting weekend, the weather forecast was poor for Saturday so I decided to visit The Lecht and try some skiing, there has to be a first time for everything. After working on the basics, standing up, not tangling the skis etc I managed to ski the whole length of the nursery (30m!) started to get confidant and managed a few good falls. Four hours of this was more than enough and I retired bruised, battered and no wiser to sample a beer or two at my local.

Sundays forecast promised slightly better conditions, but actually turned out worse, so I headed for the Cairngorms with the intention of climbing Sgor Gaoith from Gleann Einich. Walking up the glen from Whitewell the snow got heavier and heavier with the cloud at about 600m and I gave up all thoughts of the tops settling for a walk round the Loch. As usual having started on this course conditions started to clear but it was an interesting walk through the deep heather and boulders and gave quite enough exercise to my ski-battered body for this weekend. Loch Einich is really beautiful and I must make the effort to go back soon. I am less sure of the skiing!

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

New Blog for 2007

Hi this is where I hope to put pictures and notes of my walks in the Scottish mountains this year. I have started off badly as I forgot to take the camera with me yesterday on a quick afternoon walk over Ben Rinnes, although the low cloud would have limited the pictures. Is this the most climbed Corbett? there always seem to be loads of people around and judging by the footprints in the snow yesterday was no exception. It was good for clearing the post Christmas fug with the temperature well below freezing and plenty of wind.